Genesee County Attorneys Providing Advice for Businesses

For more than 38 years, Doerr & Jory, P.C. has provided business and municipal clients with legal counsel relevant to their pressing issues. Whether the question touches upon your property, your tenants, your business, or your legacy, our attorneys can offer cost-effective and efficient answers in a multitude of areas, including:

Information You Can Trust

Doerr & Jory, P.C. has a 36-year reputation of offering sound legal counsel of a variety of issues. The lawyers of Doerr & Jory, P.C. have each distinguished themselves through open, informative, and thorough discussion of the crucial issues which impact their clients’ lives. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every exchange. As a small firm, Doerr & Jory, P.C., is able to provide individual attention, while effectively and efficiently mediating your solution.

Responsive to Your Concerns

The lawyers of Doerr & Jory , P.C. recognize that every client has unique considerations, and with every controversy comes a variety of different obstacles. We know that the first step to most effectively serving you is to listen. After gathering all the information available, we will thoroughly discuss your options and suggest the best course towards a legal remedy. All lines of communication will be open throughout the entire process. We understand that you’ll have questions along the way, and will always respond promptly to phone calls or emails, so you can rest assured.

Experience to Meet Your Needs

The lawyers of Doerr & Jory , P.C. provide our clients with insightful counsel on the important matters confronting them and focus on achieving long-lasting, positive results. We’re committed to serving our clients’ needs, protecting their interests, and achieving their goals. Whether you need guidance in a landlord-tenant issue, securing your legacy, or resolving a dispute through litigation or mediation, our 35 years of diverse experience and comprehensive knowledge of the law makes them the ideal advocates to have in your corner.