Collection of Debts


Debt Collection

One of the biggest problems for businesses is not getting paid. Peter M. Doerr handles collections for business. When collecting a business debt Peter M. Doerr sends a collection letter to a Debtor to initiate a peaceful and efficient resolution. Once a Debtor has failed to respond the collection letter, Peter M. Doerr will file a summons and complaint to obtain a money judgment against the Debtor.

Peter M. Doerr can also assist in collections after a money judgment has been entered against a Debtor. Some of the actions that Peter M. Doerr can take is:

  • Prepare, file, and serve Garnishments (Wages, Bank Accounts, State Income Tax Refunds)
  • Prepare, file and cause an execution to be delivered to the Sheriff to seize Vehicles and Real Estate
  • Request the appointment of a receiver over the debtor’s personal and business property.

Contract Collection

Peter M. Doerr can assist you in collecting on a Land Contract or Lease.

By having Peter M. Doerr collect your contracts, he will:

  • Collect and monitor payments.
  • Directly deposit the collected money into your bank account, so that you do not have to worry about taking time out of your day to go to the bank.
  • Provide you will a monthly and year end statement.
  • Most importantly, follow up when a payment is missed, and when necessary, commence court proceedings without delay.

Contact a Genesee County attorney who can collect your account receivables. Call Peter M. Doerr at 810.686.7030 or contact us online.